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We help you to recognize and practically convert Exformation processes.

In absolute terms, there is no such thing as information. It depends on the recipient’s outlook. This is why exformation should form the basis for all decision processes within a business. The more information flooding in, the more important exformation becomes to its success.
Companies ignoring or only paying lip-service to exformation management soon find themselves completely overrun by bureaucracy. They become paralysed. They spend too much time struggling to focus on key success factors, constantly striving to “cope with the information”, without questioning what the information was needed for in the first place.
This observation forms the basis of our work- unlike other system houses. We can support you in identifying exformation processes and implementing them in practice. After all, this will be key to the future of today’s IT systems. And in tomorrow’s world, the only businesses that will survive will be those that succeed in managing exformation in a way which makes sense – with the tools and competence to filter out the relevant
know-how and meaning.

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