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Success Principle

  „It is difficult to investigate phenomena whose existence you do not expect.“

This sentence of Endel Tulving and Daniel L Schacter
outlines the challenge of managing in the information era. The
principle of Exformation does not negate this, but gains from it by a change of the perspectives a completely new dynamic. This new perspective describes Tor Norratranders in such a way: "consciousness is the result of an extensive process of sorting out information, and its genius is founded not on the information it contains, but on the information it does not".

The procedure of processing and gathering information is linked always with the understanding of information as well. In principle the tendency that information becomes strongly reduced can be observed. At K&S we call this procedure of reduction Exformation. Just after information has passed an Exformation procedure, it is transformed into comprehensible and useful information, which can then be communicated.

K&S Systemhaus develops leading-edge solutions, by:

• knowing the
  indeterminacy of
  complex systems

• accepting
  of feasibility

• focusing on
  key facts

• and thus shaping
  context optimally to
  achieve the desired