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Success Principle

  This is how Exformation will become your Success Principle..

For a long time now we at K&S have been looking closely at the principles and natural laws of Exformation management. It has become increasingly clear that Exformation consistently entails information “destruction”. Large volumes of data –drilling down to the finest detail at a micro level- are being compressed into small volumes of information at a macro level. It’s only when we reduce the (often unmanageable) volumes of information to a few bits that we get to see the overall picture.

Theoretically, of all fields the IT sector should be the powerhouse behind this Exformation process. Sadly, we find quite the opposite. Rather than accentuating “key facts”, business appears to be emphasising "technical feasibility". Companies seem quite happy to use highly complex, high-cost IT resources to manage "useless information".

K&S Systemhaus develops leading-edge solutions, by:

• acknowledging the
  indeterminacy of
  complex systems

• accepting
  of feasibility

• focusing on
  key facts

• and thus shaping
  context optimally to
  achieve the desired